• Do you send out free samples of cotton?

It depends on which print you would like a sample of. With some of our prints we are happy to send you a little sample of them. However, with others we have a very limited amount, so we can’t send out samples. If you would like a sample of a print we don’t send samples of, we can always send you a sample of a similar print to give you an idea of the feel and quality of the cotton. In any case, please contact us at info@slubbedprints.co.uk and we’ll sort something out.

  • Do you have more stock than listed on your website? I tried ordering 8m of a block-print but I was told you only have 5.5m in total.

Yes, we do. Our block-printers work with 6m lengths of cloth and our batik printers work with 10m lengths. What we list on our website is the longest continuous piece we have in stock, so for block-prints that's usually 5.5m and batiks 9.5m. In stock, however, we should have multiple pieces of each print. Should you require multiple pieces of a print, please get in touch at info@slubbedprints.co.uk.

  • In the descriptions of the cotton you state its weight, eg 100g/m². I’m not very familiar with weights of textiles, could you give me an idea of what they represent?

Our cottons are soft and thin, ideal for clothes, craft projects, quilting, patchwork, … not suitable, ie. too thin for upholstery, curtains, etc. In our blog we wrote about the process of block-printing. The first step in block-printing is to thoroughly wash the cotton. This is done in order to wash out all the impurities, both natural and added, from the cotton. In the weaving process of cotton, starch is added to prevent the individual threads from ripping. Often when you buy cotton by the yard, you will find that it is quite stiff, that’s the starch which was added. In our cotton there’s no starch, hence it’s very soft. If, however, you find it too soft and fiddly to sew with, you can add starch before you sew. You can buy bottles of spray-on fabric starch.

  • Is your cotton organic?

Our Kala cotton is organic, our prints are not organic. We wrote all about Kala on our blog. India is the largest producer of cotton in the world and a very small percentage of it is organic. Around 95% of all cotton in India is BT, in other words a genetically-modified variety of cotton. If a crop is genetically-modified it cannot be classified as organic. One fifth of the remaining 5%, so around 1% of all the cotton grown in India, is organic.  

  • Are the fabrics colourfast?

Some of our naturally-dyed block-printed fabrics do tend to run a little. Indigo, both natural and synthetic, bleeds. We suggest that you colour fasten/fix the cotton before you work with or use it. How to fix it? Our preferred method for colour fastening is to briefly soak it in a mixture of lukewarm water and a splash of vinegar. After that pop it in the washing machine and wash cold with a mild detergent (we recommend Ecover Delicate Detergent). Air dry it away from direct sunlight. All our batiks, which are made with the use of reactive dyes, are colourfast.

  • How do you recommend I wash block-printed/naturally-dyed cotton fabric?

To be on the safe side we recommend you wash it separately as the dye might run. We recommend you machine wash the fabric cold with a mild detergent (we recommend Ecover Delicate Detergent). Important; do not dry it in direct sunlight. You can iron it, no problem.

  • I have a fabric shop and would be interested in stocking some of your textiles. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, absolutely. Please get in touch at info@slubbedprints.co.uk to discuss.

  • I’m a textile designer and I’d like to get my own designs block-printed. If I provide you with a design, are you able to have it block-printed for me?

Generally speaking, yes. One thing to keep in mind; carving blocks, block-printing cotton and shipping takes time. This all takes time. Depending on the intricacy of the design, the number of blocks required and the colours to be printed, it will take at least a month and a half. For more details, please get in touch at info@slubbedprints.co.uk.