The majority of the blocks used to print our fabrics from Ajrakhpur were made in Pethapur, a village a short bus ride from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. The blockmakers in Pethapur have a reputation for carving some of the finest blocks for printing textiles in all of India. The following pictures were taken on a recent visit to two workshops. One is run by Mukesh Prajapati, an award-winning block designer and maker. You can admire some of his finished blocks at the bottom of this post. He works alongside his two sons, Avdesh & Pragnesh, and his nephew Bavesh. The other workshop belongs to the brothers Prakash & Bharat.

Prakash & Bharat's workshop:

The chisels:

The drill bits:

Preparing a block of recycled teak:

Pragnesh outlining the design:

Carving in process:

Avdesh with the drill:

Trimming the finished block:

Prakash doing a test print of a finished block:

Attaching the handle:

Mukesh and his blocks: