As announced in our last blog post, we’ve been getting a little more publicity. There’s an article about us in edition #11 of Pressing Matters. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

It’s a stunning magazine and we feel quite honoured and humbled to be featured in it alongside a number of amazing artists. The article about us is based on interviews I did with a friend of mine when I was in India last. Her name is Sasha Mineeva and she is an old housemate of mine during my years in Beijing. A sinologist by profession, she relocated to New Delhi a few years back and currently lectures at O.P. Jindal Global University. She also shares an interest in artisanal Indian textiles and the communities who create them. On my last trip she accompanied me to some of my destinations where I was sourcing textiles and she was performing her research for a new project of hers. You can follow her on Instagram @textiles_india_project where she publishes her writings.

During our long train and bus journeys across India Sasha recorded me telling the story of Slubbed and how it came about. In these interviews I recalled the first time I visited Ajrakhpur, which is where we get some of our block-printed fabrics made. One of the things I remember very clearly from that first encounter with the printers was the sound collage. Entering the printers’ studio I was immediately hypnotised by the symphony of printing sounds which is mentioned in the article. On a subsequent trip I made a few audio recordings. Below is a short mash-up of a few recordings I made, set to a some images I took. I recommend wearing headphones.