I’m back with some more slubbed photography. These pictures were taken during my most recent trip. They will take you on a journey around Kutch. We start off in a rickshaw in Bhuj and travel east. Our first stop is Ajrakphur to check on the progress of our block-prints. We head back to Bhuj by camel with a brief stop in Bhujodi, which is where all our kala cotton fabrics are woven. The warping is in process. Back in Bhuj we meet up with the dudes for a quick lunch. Next we’re on the highway hurtling south across the desert to the port town of Mundra. You can have a look at the batik workshop in Mundra here. We make our way along the lanes of old Mundra to the beach. We veer west and arrive in Mandvi. The wooden cargo ships are coming along nicely. Before long they’ll be transporting goods between the Middle East and India. 

(All pictures were taken on an Olympus EE2 half-frame camera. I used Kentmere film which I developed in FD10. I scanned the negatives on an Epson V550. Apologies for the dusty scans)