We are back with some more Slubbed photography. These pictures were taken on our last trip to Kutch during the hot months of May and June. All except for a couple of these pictures were taken in Ajrakhpur, the home of Ajrak block-printing. Depicted in these photos are all the required steps in making a piece of traditional Ajrak block-printed cotton fabric; the washing, the printing, the dyeing and the drying. There are also images of Ajrakhpur and the various studios, big and small, which are dotted around the desert village. In the middle of the village there are public water pools which everyone is permitted to use to wash their cotton textiles. Next to the pools you can see large cone-shaped objects. They are in the process of installing a water recycling and filtration system using the cone-shaped metal containers.

All pictures were taken on a Minox 35GT camera. We shot black & white Kentmere 100 and 400 35mm film, developed in FD10 and scanned on an Epson V550.