Welcome to Slubbed

At Slubbed we love block-printed cotton from the district of Kutch in Gujarat, India. We sell Ajrak prints, traditional and contemporary, which are all hand block-printed in Kutch.

Slubbed came about after a trip to India. It was all by chance really. Although we’ve always had an interest in textiles, we didn’t originally travel to Kutch for the textiles. We arrived in the district of Kutch to attend a meditation course and that’s when we discovered Ajrak block-printing. The hot dusty landscape, the generous locals, the intricate hand-carved wooden blocks, the geometrical designs, the painstaking process of printing… we were mesmerised. After the meditation course we stayed on in the area to discover more about Ajrak. And now here we are, bringing  these beautiful textiles to the wider world. 

For those of you who work with textiles, offer a wide range of Ajrak textiles by the metre. Perhaps your interest lies in clothing. Traditionally Ajrak prints have been used to make garments, such as women’s sarees and men’s turbans. The prints are versatile though and we want to encourage those of you who are textile artists, patchworkers or stitchers of any kind to take full advantage of these enchanting textiles. We also offer a select number of in-house designed products sewn with Ajrak prints. The products may attract you but they may also open your eyes to the potential of these fabulous textiles.

We hope in the future to offer block-printed fabric not only from Kutch, but also from other areas of India and possibly beyond. Should you have any questions or queries about our textiles and products, the origin of them, or block-printing, please get in touch. For more information on Ajrak prints, the origin and history of Ajrak block-printing, the process of block-printing and the use of natural dyes, please click here.

Slubbed is located on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales.